The Squeehunky Group, Ltd.

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The Squeehunky Group is a company dedicated to the training and instruction of all aspects of emergency management, from self defense and personal protection (including preparing for many types of personal protection issues, including deadly force, biological, chemical, and radiological hazards). As well as Emergency Management from the professional perspective.
Click Preventing Secondary Injury / How to be a Good Emergency Patient to review our article for sports medicine providers, coaches, and trainers.

Our Subsidiary, Pistolcraft, Inc. Is certified by the State of Minnesota as a certifying orginization for the training of instructors under the laws of Minnesota for the issuance of permits to carry a firearm. We Specialize in close quarters combat, combat handgun, defensive shotgun, and the legal use of force.

All Pistolcraft instructors are also certified by the State of Utah, and our certificates are accepted by several other states without further instruction for permits in those states.
Our training will qualify you to carry in up to 33 states (and a 90 day temp in the US Virgin Islands).

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